As I awoke this morning, the radio broadcast a flurry of bulletins: a ten PM robbery at 7-11 in Cambridge, a murdered campus policeman at MIT, a transit policeman shot and in surgery.  A midnight Cambridge carjacking, then search-light helicopters over the Charles River.  Police chasing suspects into the suburbs, with gunfire and grenades at one AM.  Amid a rain of bullets, two killers hurl a bomb toward the police, one charges the police, the other flees by stolen SUV.  This morning all commuter rail, buses, and taxis suspended.  The cities and towns of Boston, Cambridge, Allston, Brighton, Newton and Watertown ordered into “lock down.”  Armored trucks and SWAT teams working house-to-house in Watertown.  A “controlled detonation” in Cambridge.  Two young brothers from Chechnya: one now dead, one believed hidden in a Watertown building, likely soon to die.  A possible accomplice in custody.

The streets now are mostly empty, windy and quiet.  That is Boston this morning.


Intersection of Tremont and Beacon, Friday nine AM.


Boston Common, Friday nine AM.


“ALERT. . . The city is shut down.” Boston April 19th, nine AM.

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